Integrated Audio Solutions - perfectly tailored to your business needs

We supply sound, not equipment.
TOA offers worldwide innovative products and high-quality services as a specialist manufacturer in the field of sound solutions.
Dr. Sound embodies the image, strategy and values of TOA, standing behind our slogan, “We supply sound, not equipment.”
It is our goal to provide first-class sound to find the ideal acoustic solution for each of your projects.
We supply solutions for excellent sound, not only equipment.

TOA - a professional organisation that improves sound in society.
Through its solutions TOA has been contributing to create a society where people can feel reassured, informed and relaxed. Our corporate initiative “Smiles for the Public” puts customers first, providing the best service to make their lifes safe and enjoyable - and make them smile.

Experience and long-standing Know-How
Founded 1934, we benefit from more than 85 years of experience in research, development and distribution of numerous products and systems to provide the audio solution matching perfectly with the demands of your industry. Our systems are running in thousands of different places, such as schools, concert halls, shopping malls, skyscrapers, airports, hospitals and sport stadiums. Thereby our longstanding know-how guarantees proven quality and the utmost peace of mind.



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All-in-one Solution: IP-based, integrated, scalable, flexible and reliable.
Our Systems integrate and connect smoothly with each other to provide security, information, communication and sound design - in emergencies or for a convenient daily use.


SAFETY - Voice Alarm Systems

TOA is one of the leading companies worldwide for Voice Alarm Systems providing EN54 certified systems for security and safety in case of an emergency.

Together with our EN54 certified speakers, our Voice Alarm Systems comply with legal requirements to ensure a safe evacuation in case of an emergency.
The TOA Voice Alarm Systems are reliable, scalable, IP-based and energy-saving combining all important functions for Public Address and Voice Evacuation in one single system.

Explore our products for Voice Alarm Systems

INFORMATION - Public Address Systems

Intelligible Announcements at the right time and place enhance the customer experience. An informed customer is a relaxed customer.

Communicating important information quickly, intelligibly and efficiently is vital in busy public spaces where large numbers of people come and go at a dizzying pace. The announcements and other types of audio guidance used in these spaces, are essential in helping people navigate these areas with a minimum of stress. TOA combines technologies for Informing and Communicating in unique and original ways to create information communication systems that are ever richer in amenity and convenience.
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SOUND DESIGN - Commercial Audio System

Discreet Backgound Music (BGM) with excellent sound and high-quality Foreground Music (FGM)

In many ways, the right acoustics are an important factor in creating a unique athmosphere in public places as shops, restaurants or bars.
After all, music - as well as light, architecture and interior design - creates a distinctive environment where you can present your products advantageous and can significantly increase the browsing time and the frequency of your customer visits. Music is one of the key factors to enhance the customer experience.

Explore our products : Amplifiers - Mixers - Microphones - Speakers - ProSound


COMMUNICATION - Intercom and Conference Systems

Intercom : Reliable and convenient 2-way communication for emergency and everyday use.

TOA’s unique IP Intercom Systems are integrated audio communication systems that employ packet audio technology over the IP network to achieve fast, accurate and convenient communication with optimal security and reliability. Applications range from conversation, paging broadcasting and BGM broadcasting to emergency paging and broadcasting, audio triggering and other security functions.

Conference and Boardroom Communication Systems with clear sound as natural conversation.

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