SAFETY - Voice Alarm (VA) Systems

Security with conviction - reliable and proven quality by TOA

The issue of security is more than ever important. Our ­voice alarm systems are reliable and energy-saving combining all important functions for PA/VA in one unit frame.

Consistently TOA has continued to strengthen its role as an innovative leader in voice alarm and redefined the standards of technical improvement. Founded 1934 in Kobe, Japan, we benefit from 85 years of experience in research, development and international distribution of numerous products in the field of voice alarm systems. Thereby our longstanding know-how guarantees proven quality and the upmost peace of mind.

We are proud to be one of the first companies to develop a fully EN 54 compliant voice alarm system and that we can offer different systems along with a variety of certified loudspeakers for several applications today.

The EN 54 standards became mandatory in 2013 in all EU member states by the construction product regulation 305/2011. Three parts of this standard ensure the functionality of the system under extreme environmental conditions :

  • Part 4: refers to power supplies
  • Part 16: refers to voice alarm control and indicating equipment
  • Part 24: refers to loudspeakers

At TOA, we don’t only guarantee you the very best sound quality, but a dependable system to go with it.

VX-3000 Series

VM-3000 Series

SX-2000 Series

EN 54 certified Speaker

Combined highly integrated voice alarm and public address system


TOA's VX-3000 is a reliable, IP-based, scalable and energy-saving voice alarm system certified on the European Standard EN 54-16.

Safety first - reliable and certified system
High-quality public address and voice evacuation systems are essential when performing with security and safety challenges. The system offers a high level of redundancy, concerning all parts from amplifiers over power supply to IP connections. A safe evacuation in case of an emergency is even maintained if IP connection between components breaks down. And for worst-case scenarios, there even is an analogue fall back level implemented.

Reduced costs - by easy design, energy efficiency and low operating costs
It combines many functions for PA/VA applications in one unit frame. The low number of system components makes the design and installation rapid and easy, saving space and reducing cable complexity. Furthermore, it succeeds with its energy efficiency and low operating costs, by using low loss class-D amplifiers and modern power supply technology. The system can be installed both centralised as well as decentralised, while latter setup drastically reduces cabling costs.

Flexibility - makes the system match perfectly to your project demands
Three different frames with different output types and modular class D amplifiers with three different power ratings make the system flexible, scalable and allow for a configuration matching exactly with the user’s requirements. Thanks to its flexible and scalable system architecture the VX-3000 system can be used for both small and large applications, with up to 1280 remote microphones, 640 audio sources and 2560 speaker lines.



VX-3000 Features at a glance

  • Compact : All functions, all inputs / outputs, and audio storage in one unit
  • Decentralized : IP Network based
  • Scalable : up to 1280 remote microphones, 640 audio sources and 2560 speaker lines
  • Cost effective : Easy system configuration thanks to small number of system components
  • Flexible : Broadcast of many different audio signals simultaneously, flexible speaker driving from 1 zone per amplifier up to 64 zones per amplifier
  • Simple design : Small number of system components
  • Easy maintenance : Real-Time system status to monitor broadcasts, controls and faults
  • Light-weight : Modern supply switching technology and digital amplifiers
  • Energy saving : Standby function for low power consumption during battery backup reduces the  required battery capacity
  • Automation : High level of automation possible with Ambient noise control (ANC), Signal controlled broadcasting (VOX), timer and control interface
  • Advanced Features : Full Set of DSP for Sound Control

Cost-effective system for small to medium sized applications


TOA’s VM-3000 is a cost-effective integrated public address and voice alarm system designed for easy operation and configuration. The compact design with integrated end-user control enables the system to fit best in various small to medium sized applications such as department stores, schools, or office buildings.

Cost-effective: Focused on the essential
VM-3000 offers basic paging options, music routing and emergency controls that will match most of your small to medium sized projects. Besides, a focus on the essential makes VM-3000 easy to configure and ideal for beginners in the world of Voice Alarm Systems.

Easy operation: by integrated end-user control
VM-3000 is easy to operate due to integrated LC Display as well as volume and sound controls. This allows the end User to manage music routing and other functions directly at the device. With integrated microphone and emergency controls, you can use all functions of VA/PA without any external equipment needed.

Low Noise: by traditional amplifier technology
No need to hide functionalities of VM-3000 in a dark technical room! With traditional amplifier technology VM-3000 ensures low-Noise operation even on full load. This makes it possible to integrate the system directly into workspaces as Secretariats or Janitor's Offices. Proven technology ensures robust components and longest lifetime.


VM-3000 Features at a glance

  • Cost-effective integrated public address and voice evacuation system
  • Easy operation of background music routing and sound control
  • Easy configuration through dedicated PC software
  • User-friendly control interface by integrated LCD
  • Compact design with integrated power supply and amplifiers
  • EN 54-16 certified to meet voice alarm standard
  • Flexible Integration into existing building management systems via ModBus