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Communication solutions should be fast and accurate, with optimal security and reliability. Their applications range from conversation, paging and BGM broadcasting to emergency announcements, audio triggering and other security functions. We believe that a communication solution is not just about sound quality, but also about the who, what, when, where and why. We work together with you to find a sound concept perfectly tailored to your needs.


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Intercom Solutions

Building Access

Secure buildings require access control to the building or protected areas within the building. This mainly concerns external people without general authorization. Examples of this are: Building access, access to protected areas, supplier access, access to parking lots.

Building Access Control via Video Intercom System

A SIP-based communication solution with audio/video to grant access for day and night. 


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Building Access Control via barrier-free Intercom System

This IP-based Intercom offers communication via 2-sense principle.
Audio communication is accompanied by clear visual status information.
Furthermore it offers induction loop amlification to support hearing aid.  



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N-8000 system

Emergency Communication

In emergencies or dangers, time is of the essence. With our emergency communication solution, these emergencies can be reported and verified immediately. This allows to broadcast the correct behavioral instructions internally and it allows the proper relief and rescue measures to be initiated.

With this solution emergencies can be alerted with highest priority, verified via communication and therefore rescue aid measures are initiated in a targeted manner.


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Internal Communication

Internal communication is in demand wherever reliable, fast and uncomplicated communication is required. In addition, there are requirements for use in special environments where it is noisy, cold, warm or even dusty. Hand-free operation or speech, or even automatic call acceptance are naturally part of the portfolio. 

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Conference and Boardroom Solutions

Conference systems

In large discussions with many participants in large rooms, it is relentless to use a conference system to support communication with each other. Furthermore, you can use a conference system to control the conversation, feed in translation channels, record the discussion or even carry out votes. 


Web conferences are part of everyday business communication. TOA has a perfect audio solution for small to medium-sized conference rooms. The AM-CF1 is an Audio Collaboration System that will change your perception of web conferences. Imagine you are in a team conference and everyone gets clearly heard across different locations - no matter how passionately you discuss your ideas. The AM-CF1 with its integrated microphone array and soundbar turns any web conference in a natural conversation - clear as face-to-face.


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