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In these times of Covid, companies in a wide variety of sectors are looking for an optimal solution for sound transmission in an outdoor space, whether it is an outdoor sports club, a restaurant, a bar or a simple car park.

With indoor areas now often limited due to Corona regulations, the goal is to promote and develop a larger outdoor area. This requires some investment in the sound system. However, this can serve many purposes, whether for music, alarms or announcements.

However, outdoor areas are subject to special conditions: Weather conditions such as cold, heat, sunlight, rain and snow pose different requirements than for projects inside buildings.

Therefore, special care must be taken to ensure that the product is made of materials that can withstand external weather conditions.

Our solutions can be adapted to your budget and to any type of area, from basic systems to solutions with many speaker zones to separate different areas like.

The speakers are reliable, flexible and perfectly adapt to different weather conditions. Moreover, since outdoor speakers are usually installed on walls or poles, most of them are available with an IP protection rating.

How to choose the right speaker?

Outdoors, it stands to reason that speakers will be exposed to the elements. Therefore, it is important to choose speakers that can withstand them in the long run.

Here are some points to highlight:

  •  Water protection
  •  Corrosion protection
  •  Temperature resistance

The most common form of protection is against water.

Therefore, our outdoor speakers usually have the protection against splashing water up to the protection against a water jet as it occurs, for example, with a water hose for cleaning. Often, our speakers that are protected in this way have the addition "WP" in the article designation.


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