"We supply sound, not equipment."

True to our motto, at TOA we have made it our mission not only to provide our customers with high-quality equipment, but above all to deliver superior sound. Whether in schools, concert halls, airports or stadiums - our sound systems make millions of peoples' lives safer and more enjoyable.

Without skilled employees, this wouldn’t be possible.

We offer everyone the opportunity to shape their career at TOA and develop technically and personally. For this reason, we look for people with a passion for top-quality sound who want to play an active role in shaping our company’s future.

Who we look for

Our founder, Tsunetaro Nakatani, described the ideal TOA employee as follows:

  1. A person with morals and awareness of responsibility for their own work, who loves their job as much as the fruits of their efforts.

  2. A person who considers things from an international perspective, who is wholly convinced that strong competition always brings progress and who gives every ounce of effort to be successful in the face of this competition.

  3. A modest, friendly person with a strong sense of justice, who can convince people of their opinion without pressuring them.

  4. A person with a strong sense of what’s good and a rational outlook on life.

  5. A person who loves their family and is thankful for their mental and physical health.

Do you understand yourself and have a passion for what you do? Do you think we’re suited to each other?

See our current vacancies or send us a speculative application.

What we offer

Our fantastic services for you.

Long-term employment prospects 
We strive to work with our employees in the long term, for your entire career if you like!

The opportunity of international collaboration
Depending on your role and department, at TOA you have the opportunity to work with others in international teams.

Development and training opportunities
We’ll support you with your individual career planning. With one-to-one discussions and our annual performance reviews, we’ll help you to plan and achieve your career goals at TOA. We want our employees to put all their talents to good use.

These include: Workshops, work-life balance in the form of flexitime and flexible overtime regulations, events, Wi-Fi, free refreshments… and much more!

Interested? Then send us your application!

Our European headquarter in Hamburg

“The spirit of the team determines the journey.” (Störtebeker)

Our offices in Hamburg are situated a stone’s throw from the city centre in the Hamm-Süd quarter and are equipped with the latest technology.

The building in which we have our offices, the Störtebeker-Haus, isn’t a faceless office complex, but is genuinely a place worth seeing in Hamburg. It arose with an awareness of tradition and was brought into unison with the demands of modern times. As a result, we work in a beautiful treasure of Hanseatic office building architecture.

At 9:00 every morning, we enjoy the “Turmtüter” trumpet played atop St. Michael’s Church. The tower keeper always makes his presence known punctually and encourages us to get the working day under way from the top of the tower.

Another highlight is a special glockenspiel, but that’s something we should see together.