Audio Solution for large buildings

Safety, Public Address and integrated audio solution

In today’s challenging times where we have to define a new normal in crowded places, we have to find new ways of communication and interaction with each other as well as of broadcasting of customer centered information.

Integrated Audio Solution for large buildings by TOA / Sittig

Thanks to the TOA / Sittig solution you will be able to provide manual and automatic announcements which can be triggered either manually by your staff or automatically by the OCC.

Both standard PA announcements and emergency broadcasts will be managed quickly and accurately thanks to the seamless interconnection of the TOA / Sittig solution.

This scalable fully integrated solution will give you immediate way to address either large groups of people or selected group of persons at a given location, thus enabling you to communicate the relevant information only in the areas of the building where and when needed.

This first class solution offers ease of operation, flexibility, versatility and will contribute to improvement of the overall customers‘ experience.

Main challenges in addressing customers and audio solutions in large complex buildings

There is a variety of challenges that you can face when implementing Audio Solutions in large and complex buildings.

Past the architecture of large complex building which poses in itself (modern or old infrastructure with variety of materials, high ceilings and large open spaces) a challenge in terms of acoustic design, here are some examples of challenges you might face with your Audio Solution in large buildings.

Thanks to the combination and integration of both our technologies TOA / Sittig, we are in the position to provide you with adapted solutions for all of the various challenges you can be brought to face.


How the TOA / Sittig integration works

Sittig’s PAXGuide system is an extension for the TOA public address solutions. In combination the systems deliver high quality manual and automated announcements at airports, train stations, industrial facilities and any other large complex building where you might have need of Audio Solutions.

The TOA / Sittig Audio Solution offers you full flexibility as it can interface with all pre-existing PA-equipment and thanks to its connection with the OCC Central Database, can perfectly integrate with all the other supporting equipment (eg. CCTV) in place in your building.

The solution we offer you is multipurpose: not only can you broadcast targeted informative announcements to reassure customers and in case of emergency send the right message in the right language in a timely manner to keep them safe, but you can also use our Audio Solution to create an enjoyable atmosphere by broadcasting other content (eg. music) in the same high-quality.

Facing the unknown of a post-pandemic world and everchanging expectations of customers, the TOA / Sittig Audio Solution offers you constant quality and will turn out to be an investment for the future. Thanks to its versatility our combined solution will contribute to help you gain back the trust of your customers in making them feel well-informed and safe without impeding their overall experience thanks to the possibility of broadcasting background music in strategic areas.

With the TOA / Sittig solution you will be able to deliver the right information at the right time, at the right place, in the correct language and in high quality.



Integrated Solution: All-in-one system for PA, safety and excellent sound

Since being founded in 1934 as a manufacturer of commercial and professional audio equipment TOA has grown to be one of the world largest supplier of commercial Public Address equipment that has become synonymous to quality within the industry.

TOA is constantly improving its technological capabilities in areas such as acoustics, graphics and networking, developing innovative products in order to provide its customers with the ultimate sound performance and peace of mind.

Thanks to 29 branches and a strong network of local certified partners TOA can give its customers the best support in more than 120 countries around the world.

Public Safety: With our products, we keep people safe, so they can enjoy their everyday life with peace of mind.

Public Communication: Our products and solutions provide a more convenient and more comfortable communication in various applications.

Public Space Design: from everyday enjoyment to extraordinary events. We provide acoustic solutions that create exceptional sound experiences.

Core products for your integrated Audio Solution

  • Integrated Voice Alarm Systems / Public Address Security through flexible systems with excellent speech intelligibility since 1969
  • Intercom Systems Simple, decentralized, reliable and convenient communication in everyday life - Safety in the event of danger
  • Commercial Audio High-quality sound for Restaurants
    and Retail Outlets since 1934


Sittig is an AAS (Automated Announcement System) expert - at your side when standard solutions reach their limit

Since 1987 the family owned-business has specialised in individual solutions where standard systems reach their limits. For more than 20 years, the German market leader for automatic announcement systems at airports has focused on the digitalisation of audio data.

All major German airports as well as international customers (such as Sydney Trains or Zurich Airport) rely on the PAXGuide system from Sittig. The PAXGuide system delivers high quality voice data, ideal for demanding locations such as airports, train stations, shopping centers and industrial facilities.

The IP-based PAXGuide system is modularly designed to adapt perfectly to the needs of the customer. Using the existing IT infrastructure, the system is highly flexible and adapts to different customer requirements. The system offers a wide range of functions (modules): modern web user interfaces for different use cases, such as the PAXpaging Module for manual and automated announcements for each location or the PAXgate Module for automating the boarding process at airports.

Various speech modules, such as one of the best text-2-speech engines on the market or the human-based prompt speech module, guarantee maximum flexibility for every requirement at the highest quality. Additional modules, such as interfaces to camera systems, ensure maximum automation of the system.

PAXGuide is able to seamlessly connect the TOA VX-3000 with other public address systems to provide the customer with a uniform management platform for manual and automated announcements. Therefore, the system allows announcements to be made across different public address systems, right down to a single loudspeaker line.


PAXGuide Cloud

The PAXGuide system is also available as a cloud-based and lean automatic announcement system, especially designed for small airports, railway stations, industrial facilities and shopping centers. PAXGuide Cloud ensures maximum flexibility and minimum maintenance by decentralizing server performance and minimizing hardware costs.


Integrated TOA / Sittig Audio Solution: Use Cases

➜ Airports and Train Stations


Shopping Mall and Industrial Facilities

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