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Reliable and clear communication onboard is essential for issuing general commands to the crew on a cargo ship, providing pleasant background audio on the deck of a cruise ship, or sounding a general alarm to alert crew and passengers in emergencies.

A public address and general alarm system (PA/GA) fulfills all these essential functions. At sea, this system must meet stringent requirements, enduring harsh weather conditions, functioning flawlessly in emergencies, and boasting a robust, durable, and weatherproof design. Additionally, it must provide loud output and maintain first-class sound quality with clear speech intelligibility.

This is precisely where our PA/GA systems excel, offering intelligible and high-quality sound across all areas of your vessel. Our system ensures seamless communication with guests and crew during routine operations as well as during critical emergency announcements.

Tailored solutions 

Our Public Address and General Alarm system is tailored to meet the unique requirements of various vessels, including cruise ships, cargo ships, yachts, and more. Here's how our system benefits different types of vessels.

Cruise ships
Ensures seamless communication via paging and BGM, enhancing safety and guest experience.

Cargo ships
Facilitates efficient communication for crew members in different areas of the ship, improving operational productivity.

Provides customisable solutions for luxury yacht owners, combining functionality with elegance.

At sea but always connected: elevate safety and communication with our VX-3000

The VX-3000 public adress and general alarm system is specially designed for demanding maritime environments and offers consistent communication in every area in accordance with  all obligatory requirements (SOLAS, IMO etc.).

Our DNV-type approved system can be scaled from yachts up to large cargo or cruise ships and combines announcement (PA)general alarm (GA) and background music management applications in a single system, also fulfilling the Safe Return to Port requirements.

Seamlessly connected to existing fire alarm and entertainment systems, the VX-3000 is installed in a redundant system design, ensuring the system's functionality even in case of a disturbance by a single failure.

The system is constantly monitored, beginning at the microphone capsule, over the central equipment along the amplifiers and wiring up to the last speaker on each speaker line. Even if the main power supply fails, the system will operate using backup batteries.

To create a pleasant atmosphere, background music control is handled through zone management functions, enabling varied sounds and announcements in different ship areas.

Combined with our wide range of complementary EN-54 certified speakers, VX-3000 ensures intelligible announcements, alarms and background sound distribution with high sound pressure and audio quality, enhancing safety and relaxation for passengers and crew.

VX-3000 ensures communication in every situation

Whether informative, entertaining, or vital – every message is delivered with crystal-clear precision and reliability, ensuring a safe and pleasant journey for crew and passengers.

  • Reliable
  • TCP/IP-based
  • Scalable to fit vessels of various sizes
  • Energy- and cost-saving
  • Offering zoning options for customised sound distribution in different areas
  • Integrating seamlessly into existing onboard systems for enhanced functionality
  • Combining all important functions for Public Address and General Alarm in one single system

More about VX-3000

Why choose TOA as your sound partner?

With over 90 years of audio expertise, TOA has established itself as a trustworthy partner for your next maritime project. TOA combines extensive know-how in research and development of high-quality products, project planning expertise across various industries, and a team of knowledgeable experts in technical installations.
We are dedicated to supporting installers, shipyards, and ship owners in planning suitable, reliable, and intelligible PA/GA systems on board.

Our team of sound experts offer comprehensive technical support and training services to ensure seamless integration and operation of our PA/GA system:

  • Expert knowledge in selecting the best loudspeakers for your ship's size and type
  • Sound coverage simulations using EASE® AFMG system for speaker positioning
  • Technical expertise during system installation
  • Commissioning process with extensive documentation
  • Onboarding your team with VX-3000 system training held in Hamburg, Germany

With TOA on board, you ensure safety on board for passengers and crew.

System & Project Planning

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