Planning guide for electroacoustic systems.

Whether it’s a shopping centre, sports stadium or office building: besides the visual impression, it is above all the acoustics of a space that determine how the visitor perceives that space. A room’s practical usability is also determined by its acoustic parameters.

There are number of aspects that need to be taken into account when planning and installing PA systems. One is frequently confronted by a barrage of different parameters. Caution should be exercised in particular when looking at the power rating. Technical loudspeaker specifications are burdened by a great deal of impractical information. For instance, clever marketers try to make loudspeakers seem like they have a higher power rating than they really do.

To bring clarity to these matters, the following pages provide an introduction to electroacoustics. They should help you when planning PA systems. At TOA, we have made it our mission not only to provide you with high-quality equipment, but above all to deliver superior sound. So we will also serve as your guide to acoustic principles, measuring units and formulas.

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