Stradivarius Headquarter, Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona), Spain

The new headquarters of the fashion brand Stradivarius (Inditex group) was built in 2017, in one of the most important economic areas in the metropolis of Barcelona. In line with the trend-driven corporate vision of the brand, the latest and most energy-efficient technology was used for the construction of the office complex in Cerdanyola del Vallés.

For this reason, the facade design of the 33,000 m2 building uses an interactive design of vertical slats, recycled materials as well as native vegetation and sustainable rainwater harvesting.


In order to provide total sound coverage and due to the magnitude of the building, which required over 800 speaker points with more than 6,000 Watts, our Spanish partner OPTIMUS selected the VX-3000 public address and voice alarm system. The installation includes a number of different system frames (VX-3004F, VX-3008F), class D amplifiers (VX-050 DA, VX-030 DA) and power supplies (VX-3000DS) as well as remote microphones (RM-300X, RM-210F). Using various ceiling speakers and acoustic projectors, all areas of the new headquarters are acoustically covered at all times.