Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, Poland

The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre is one of the most modern and extraordinary theatre buildings in the world. It is the only theatre with a roof that can be opened for performances in daylight.

The location is of historical importance. At the beginning of the 17th century, the first public theatre of the Kingdom of Poland was situated at the same spot. Already in the lifetime of William Shakespeare, pieces of the British theatre maker were performed here. The new building from 2008 continues this heritage. The interior is modelled after the Elizabethan Theatre and the wooden stage and auditorium bring the audience back to the time where theatre pieces like "Hamlet" and "Romeo and Juliet" were written and played for the first time.

In terms of safety, the theatre strives for the latest technology. For this purpose, the security concept was revised in 2019 and the Voice Alarm System VX-3000 by TOA was installed. The system is prepared to sound a voice alarm in case of an emergency, guiding the spectators to safety in a short time and orderly way. It is also configured to broadcast background music applications if required. Due to this cooperation, TOA may call itself "Technical Partner of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre".

© Pictures of Theater by Dawid Linkowski and Krzystof Mystkowski.