Cruise Center Steinwerder, Hamburg, Germany

One of the most modern cruise terminals was opened at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Harbour by the Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH in June 2015.

With a draught of up to 13 meters the port facilities are designed for handling all modern types of cruise liners. Another system solution of TOA ensures the safe handling of the up to 4.000 passengers. The two terminal buildings are equipped with about 175 TOA speakers (i.e. F-Series, SR-S4 Series, certified ceiling speakers, waterproof projection speakers) as well as one Remote Microphone RM-200SA and one Fireman’s Microphone RM-200SF by our partner CCD Weber.

Despite of the challenging acoustic situation the installed VM-3000 and SX-2000 systems ensure reliable voice evacuation. The integrated emergency power supplies enable our system to work in case of any power failure. The communication between both terminals is solidly guaranteed by our Wireless Receiver WT-5800 and the WM-5225 Handheld Microphone.