ALMAZ mega mall, Chelyabinsk, Russia

The shopping and entertainment complex ALMAZ is a mega Mall in Chelyabinsk, a russian city in the Ural region. The complex has a total area of 222,000 m2, a target audience of over 900 thousand people and was opened in October 2015.

Today the installed SX-2000 system, 65 amplifiers, including the new VP-3000 Series, and more than 3,200 speakers (BS-1030W, BS-1030B, PC-2369, PE-64, F-1300WT, PJ-100W, PC-648R, BS-633A, SC-630M, SC-615M) ensure clear announcements and pleasant background music to 3 floors with over 160 different stores.

Mrs. Shumakova, Acting Director, Rodnik LLC, Russia about the project »The wide range of TOA speakers gave us high flexibility and a great choice for our different areas of application. «