Speaker line monitor module

The surveillance monitor VX-300SM-EB can easily be installed in a cabinet rack on standard DIN rails. It controls up to 8 EOL modules, each connected to one speaker line. The monitor informs single speaker line faults (short circuit or break) by individual control outputs as well as a general speaker line fault by a separate control output. Green LEDs on the module corresponding with the loudspeaker lines indicate the correct function of each.

The 3-wire EOL-system is certified together with the VX-3000 system.

  • Easy installation of monitor in cabinet rack
  • Certified according to EN 54

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Specifications for product:
Power source

19 - 33 V DC

Current consumption (value)

100 mA

Control output

line fault (individual channel) x8,

common line fault x1

Input / Output

8 speaker line sensor inputs


8 Line fault LEDs, 1 power LED


12-pin srew terminal x1, 3-pin screw terminal x1, RJ45 jack x1

Current consumption

100 mA

Operating temperature.

-5°C to +45°C

Operating humidity.

90% or less


133 x 20 x 72 mm (W x H x D)

Accessory (included)

DIN rail feet x2

Tender text