System Manager

The SX-2000SM System Manager is the master unit of TOA's Matrix System SX-2000 and can be mounted in an EIA Standard component rack (1-unit size). It controls the audio signal routing and priority control between the optional audio input units, audio output units and remote microphones of the SX-2000 Series. The SX-2000SM itself is equipped with 8 control inputs, 8 control outputs, failure status outputs, access indicators, mode indicators and failure indicators enabling a wide range of controls and status monitoring. The SX-2000SM supplies a regulated 24 VDC for external equipment. Up to 10,000 operations and failures of the entire system can be logged in the logbook. The SX-2000SM also features two monitored power inputs making possible the creation of a dual-redundant power system. Also the network connection is redundant. Equipped with two channels of interfaces for connecting to the emergency power supply units, power failures can be indicated and the system being put into a battery saving mode.

  • Master unit of the matrix system in combination with an audio input unit, audio output unit and remote microphone
  • Audio signal routing and priority control
  • 8 monitored control inputs, 8 control outputs
  • Failure status outputs
  • Indicators for network access, system mode mode and general fault
  • Up to 10,000 operations and failures can be recorded in the system's log file
  • Two power inputs for a dual-redundant power system
  • Storage for up to 32 automatic voice messages for emergency and general purpose
  • Redundant LAN connection via IES-3000 Ethernet switch series
  • Power supply from VX-2000DS, VX-3150DS-EB or VX-3000DS

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Specifications for product:
Power source

24 V DC 2 power inputs

Current consumption (value)

0.8 A

Current consumption

0.8 A


482 x 44 x 333 mm (W x H x D)


Aluminium, alumite process, black

Accessory (included)

CD (SX-2000 Setting Software, Setting Software instructions, Operation instructions) x 1, CF Card x 1, removable terminal plug (4 Pins) x 1, removable terminal plug (12 Pins) x 4, rack mounting screw with plain washer (5x12) x 4, screw Driver x 1, CF Card Adapter x 1, Installation Manual x 1, Please read this Manual first! x 1

Application examples
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