Power Supply

The VX-2000DS Emergency Power Supply Unit supplies the DC power to each equipment in the VX-2000 system by connecting the VX-200PS Power Supply Unit. It keeps the battery unit that contains 2 ƒ 12 V sealed lead batteries charged compensating for the temperature of the battery charging voltage. When the DC power supply from the VX-200PS stops, the VX-2000DS is automatically switched to the backup battery.

  • Supplies the DC power to each component in the VX-2000 system by means of the VX 200PS Power Supply Unit
  • Keeps the batteries charged
  • Ambient temperature controlled charging voltage
  • Matching battery: 2 x 12 V sealed lead batteries
  • Automatically switch-over in case of AC mains failure
  • EN 54-4 certified, Certificate No: 1134-CPR-083

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Specifications for product:
Power / current consumption

240 W max.

Charging method

Trickle charging

Battery connection

1 pair of positive and negative terminals, applicable

cable diameter: AWG 6 – AWG 0 1/0

Operating temperature

0 °C to +40 °C


Steel plate, black


482 x 88.4 x 377.6 mm (W x H x D)


10.5 kg

Power source

230 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz


DC power output: 6 (25 A max. each) M4 screw terminal, distance

between barriers: 11 mm

Charging output voltage

27.3 V ±0.3 V (at 25 ˚C) Temperature correction coefficient: -40 mV/ ˚C

Control connector

RJ45 female connector for connecting the VX-2000SF. Twisted-pair straight cable (TIA/EIA-568A standard)

Type of control signal: Battery check, AC power status, DC power status, charging circuit failure, and battery failure

Accessory (included)

Rack mounting screw x 4, Fiber washer x 4, Blade fuse (40 A) x 3, Fuse (T3.15A L) x 1, Power cord (2 m (6.56 ft) x 1, Insulating sheet x 1, Attention label (German) x 1, Fastener hook x 4, Fastener loop x 4, Sticker (Declaration of compliance) x 1, Thermal insulating sheet x 1

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