The TOA History

TOA was founded

Inaugurated in Kobe by Tsunetaro Nakatani as TOA Electric Manufacturing Company.
Production and sales of horn speakers, microphones and amplifiers begin.

Becoming a Specialist in PA Equipment Manufacture

In the early days, TOA was involved in developing unique products like the “TOA Portable Amplifier” and the “Record Recorder.” The former incorporated an amplifier, microphone, speaker and other components into a small case. The Record Recorder was also developed using TOA’s own technology. These units were produced on order by hand and were thus relatively expensive, but still they proved to be fairly well received. TOA developped made-to-order rack-mount amplifiers for use mainly in schools and factories, and through these gradually established its position as a specialized PA equipment manufacturer.

First electric megaphone in the World

In 1954 TOA developed the world’s first electric megaphone offering clear sound over long distances.

Emergency warning system developed

TOA Electronics Europe GmbH is established in Hamburg


Developing the World's Finest Professional Audio Equipment

"Despite the fact that the development of our Fully Digital Mixer was to be the first of its kind in the world, we had only a limited time frame of two and half years from the start of development till the system's final installation at the Vienna National Opera Theater."

TOA receives the Grand Mecenat Award

The Grand Mecenat Award is sponsored by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts and is presented to corporations that stand out as supporters of the arts and culture.
TOA received this award for its highly regarded "sound culture enlightenment activities"

TOA's systems at the Olympic Games in Bejing

TOA was involved in many facilities at the Bejing Olympics including the Main Stadium and Olympic Village. In the Bejing National Stadium the installation of TOA’s systems provided correct and accurate broadcasting that would allow for smooth game operations in a gigantic stadium boasting a seating capacity of as many as 91,000 spectators.

The Sounds of Wimbledon

The Wimbledon Tennis Courts are host to the Wimbledon Championships, one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. A recent renewal of the public address systems here required updated, high-performance features, and so in 2011 TOA installed a system that includes the SX-2000 Smart Matrix System along with digital power amplifiers, helping to ensure the safety and smooth progress of each and every match.

Voice Alarm System VX-3000 released

TOA released the VX-3000 – an integrated highly scalable IP based Voice Alarm and Public Address System. Continuously improved by regular updates, the VX-3000 quickly developed to a key product in the market.
And in the same year TOA won the INAVATION AWARDS for the VX-3000.