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Crystal clear information - TOAs wireless tour guide system

With the WG-D100, an audio system for visitor tours, TOA, a manufacturer specializing in high-quality solutions, is once again expanding its portfolio of wireless audio solutions to include a portable system with digital audio quality for secure and reliable transmission of voice information.

The wireless audio system with digital audio quality provides clear, secure and stable transmission. The lightweight receiver and transmitter can be carried in the hand, by clip or lanyard. The large LC-display and keys make them easy to use. They can be charged individually via the micro USB port or via the WG-TC12A battery charger. With the SyncKit WG-D100SK, the channels of the receivers can be automatically synchronised during charging.

The large LC-display provides all relevant system information at a glance: Channel selection, headset volume, battery charge level and the strength of the incoming signal can be verified immediately. By connecting an external device such as mp3 players or smartphones, the contents can be transmitted. Also those devices can be used to record external content. The individual components of the system each use a single rechargeable AA battery. After 20 minutes without an incoming signal, the devices switch themselves off automatically to save energy.

With these technical features, the system is suitable for practical use wherever a group of visitors is mobile and needs to receive information from a speaker, for example in museums, on company or city tours. Due to the reach of up to 100m indoors, the distance between individual persons can be maintained while the clear transmission of information is ensured.

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