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Tap-proof conferencing –TOAs wireless infrared conference systems TS-820 / TS-920

TOA, a manufacturer specializing in high-quality acoustic solutions, presents the two conference systems TS-820 and TS-920, two tap-proof systems of the latest generation: wireless and with best voice transmission quality.

With their elegant, unobtrusive design and sophisticated technical features, both systems guarantee visually and acoustically powerful and discreet equipment for meetings and conferences. The wireless design ensures maximum adaptability to any desired seating arrangement. The infrared-based transmission system allows flexible arrangement of the chairman and delegate microphone units and at the same time makes the system tap-proof. The TS-920 series also offers a voting function and can include up to 192 microphone units, the TS-820 is designed for up to 64 microphone units.

Other technical features include: integrated automatic feedback suppression, Auto-Gain-Control function (automatically adjusts the volume to the speaker) and Auto-Off (automatically turns off the microphone after 30 seconds of non-use).

Sessions can be recorded in the internal memory or on an external USB device. The systems offer two selectable voice channels and different priority modes, up to four microphones can be controlled simultaneously. The system software can also be adapted to the respective use, for example by integrating cameras. 

The central control unit is used to set the system functions, read the status and, if necessary, connect a USB memory for recording. Both conference systems are ideal for conferences and meetings in companies, parliaments, educational institutions or hotels.

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