IP Audio Workshop in Valencia

In collaboration with INNOVAPHONE, ITANCIA and FERMAX, TOA hosted a highly successful workshop for integrators at Fermax offices in Valencia. The event focused on demonstrating how integrated solutions from these four leading technology companies can generate value and create new business opportunities.

The workshop centered on the theme of integration, showcasing the compatibility and practical application of IP products from FERMAX, INNOVAPHONE, ITANCIA, and TOA. Attendees were provided with both theoretical insights and hands-on experience, allowing them to understand the latest developments and effectively implement these technologies in their projects.

Event Highlights

  • Introduction and Welcome: Representatives from FERMAX kicked off the event, emphasizing the critical role of technological integration in today’s market.
  • FERMAX Presentation: Highlighted the latest IP products and their interoperability, focusing on enhancing security and efficiency in both residential and commercial settings.
  • INNOVAPHONE Session: Discussed innovations in IP communication, underlining the scalability and flexibility of their solutions.
  • ITANCIA Presentation: Covered the distribution and support of technological solutions, including success stories of improved operational efficiency through integration.
  • TOA Presentation: Showcased advanced audio and IP communication systems, suitable for various environments such as corporate buildings and educational institutions.
  • Practical Activities

The event featured live demonstrations, illustrating how products from FERMAX, INNOVAPHONE, ITANCIA, and TOA function seamlessly together. Interactive workshops enabled participants to apply their newfound knowledge to real-world scenarios, solidifying their understanding of the integrated solutions.

Positive Feedback and Future Plans
Attendees expressed high satisfaction with the workshop, praising the quality of the presentations and the practical, hands-on activities. The relevance and applicability of the information provided were particularly appreciated, highlighting the event's success in meeting its objectives.

This workshop underscored the importance of technological integration in developing innovative and efficient projects, reaffirming the commitment of FERMAX, INNOVAPHONE, ITANCIA, and TOA to lead the way in integrated technological solutions.

  • About FERMAX: FERMAX is a leading manufacturer of communication and access control systems, providing innovative solutions for residential and commercial buildings.
  • About INNOVAPHONE: INNOVAPHONE specializes in professional IP telephony and Unified Communications solutions, offering scalable and flexible products to meet diverse needs.
  • About ITANCIA: ITANCIA is a value-added distributor of professional communication solutions, supporting businesses with innovative and sustainable technology.