Security Pole

for safe community development

Busy intersections and crowded streets are prone to crime and accidents. It is therefore vital to install a system that provides early detection and assistance regarding crimes as well as accidents in large cities. 24-hour remote surveillance via CCTV and live audio announcements are effective deterrents in areas with a large amount of street crime such as car theft, armed robbery and hijacking. Spontaneous reports to police or security companies in an emergency also assists in managing and controlling such incidents.

Functions and Advantages of a Super Security Pole

  • CCTV surveillance, communication and loud speaker devices integrated into one system
  • Operators monitor the area from a surveillance room and an audio warning (pre-recorded or live) is issued when illegal parking or car theft is seen
  • In the event of a crime or accident, police officers at the local police station can be contacted by the push of a button and callers can communicate with the police by using both video and audio systems
  • Red emergency lighting and an alarm sound can also be triggered by pushing the button to alert people in the immediate area

Super Security Pole is composed of SIP Network Intercom System, IP CCTV and IP (POE / SIP) Horn Speaker


  • Community: Roads, Gated Housing Estates
  • Parking Lots, Train / Bus Stations
  • Construction sites
  • Mines, Factories, Power Stations
  • Universities, Educational Institutions



Use Cases

  • Real Estate with Fencing
  • Super Security Poles
  • Inner City Surveillance Systems

IP Horn Speaker IP-A1SC15

Features IP-A1SC15


  • Maximum sound pressure level is 124dB at 15 W powered with PoE+
  • Operating temperature is -30 °C to +55 °C
  • IP66 (Dust/Water Protection)
  • Up to 20 sound sources can be stored on integrated audio source
  • Individual volume level adjustment to each audio source to ensure uniform and harmonized output
  • IP-A1SC15 can be integrated with security video surveilance system via network platform using ONVIF protocol
  • Simple to install wherever you need a strong voice: A single standard network cable provides both power and connectivity with your network
  • Easy to customize over API (Application Programming Interface): Adapt the individual volume to the environmental noise level and optimize it to time of day, distance, and degree of emergency
  • Video Management Systems
  • SIP Systems
  • Construction sites
  • Parking garages
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Shopping centers
  • Malls
  • Access control points
  • Stadiums
  • Sport facilities
  • Security service
  • Factories