Stadium, Vereya, Bulgaria

The Football Club Vereya is a Bulgarian football club playing in the first League, the top division of Bulgarian football. For the new Stadium Vereya our bulgarian partner Pro Audio Ltd was asked for support. Since the task was a BGM system, connected to the FDS, a design based on VM-3000 system was created.

The VM-3240VA is connected to 68 pcs of PC-1869EN, responsible for the building. Two pcs of VM-3240E are used for 7 pcs of TOAs music horn speakers CS-660BS-EB, responsible for the 1,636 seating places. Another VM-3240E is used for the 2 clusters (4 pcs each) of CS-530BS-EB, responsible for the playing cort. The 3 extensions are using the local line input to receive the necessarily audio information via the sound mixer.

Pro Audio Ltd did all the rack building, the tuning and final test, booth for the VM-3000 and DSP, based of the knowledge of their technical team