Midlands Liberty Mall, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Pietermaritzburg’s largest and most popular shopping mall is home to many retail stores with an assorted mix of fashion, food and leisure stores that attract millions of shoppers each year. The Lifestyle Centre expansion offers a wide variety of venues, from fitness stores and centres to furniture retailers and hair salons.

In order to provide the buildings with a voice evacuation system that doubles as a public address system for announcements and BGM, Fire Dot Com chose to install TOA’s VX-3000 Voice Evacuation System. The possibility of installing a single system that connects all the buildings was the main reason to utilize this tried and tested solution from TOA. While the longevity and quality of the VX-3000 was considered to be a great factor in support of this modern voice evacuation system, the new additions of the latest firmware and software made a big impact and provided the customer with value added functions such as programmable timed announcements.