Mehr!Theater, Hamburg, Germany

The Mehr!Theater at the Grossmarkt (central market) was completed in March 2015 and is one of the largest and most extraordinary theatres in Hamburg.

The three levels of the prestressed concrete structures spread over 6.500m2 and causing attention and surprise for up to 2.400 guests. Equally impressive was the planning of the Voice alarm system but as well as in other applications TOA solves, together with its Partner AVS Dessau, the acoustic challenge by the use of the voice alarm system VX-2000. The 38 certified HX-5B WP-EB Q speakers were installed at an altitude of approximately 14 m and in combination with the digital matrix mixer M-9000M2 and two 5000 radio link guarantees full function of the emergency alert system.

This system solution stands out by its outstanding intelligibility and an excellent price-performance ratio even on challenging room acoustical preconditions.