IBIS Styles Hotel, Milan

Since over 40 years, our partner Phoebus is providing audio solutions to various industries in Italy using TOA products.

In 2013, Phoebus provided a complete TOA audio solution to new Ibis Styles hotels in the Milan area. The new Ibis Styles hotel is characterized by a modern design and a lot of attention to detail. The sound system for the various rooms had to be planned just as carefully as the interior design was. The client required a sound system that would cover the various areas from a central control unit while being easy to operate and unobtrusive to remain in harmony with the interior design of the hotel.

Thanks to its long experience in audio design and its large portfolio of high-quality products TOA was able to meet client’s requirements and installed a complete integrated system.

The system has its nerve center at the check-in desk and is covering all hotel floors, the lobby, the lounge bar, the breakfast room and the large outdoor terrace, thus contributing to an enjoyable customer experience by creating a pleasant atmosphere by broadcasting different types of background music in the different areas of the hotel.

In the corridors of the sleeping floors, more discreet 6 W in-ceiling loudspeakers were installed, while where the music takes center stage - such as on the terrace and in the lounge bar - more powerful in-ceiling or wall-mounted loudspeakers from the F Series, which are distinguished by their high quality of audio reproduction and attractive design, have been chosen

An M-9000M2 modular digital matrix mixer was used as the heart of the system. The central system was supplemented by eight A-2000 Series power amplifiers that can be managed as individual zones. In addition, each zone has a remote-control panel that can be used to select the source and adjust the volume in that specific area. In addition to the sound system for background music, there is a large conference room where an easy-to-use audio/video system was installed that does not require a control room or technical room to make users completely independent of the central system. The A-2240 amplifier, driving the BS-1015 series two-way wall speakers, the two microphones at the speaker desk and a wireless microphone for the hall, proved to be the optimal solution.