End of Line Monitoring

The VX-200SP-2 is an audio signal output module of the VX-2000 system with speaker line pilot tone detection. This module is to be mounted in the VX-2000SF Surveillance Frame and detects speaker line short circuits, open circuits by monitoring the terminated resistance value of the end of line unit, and ground fault. Connecting the line unit to the end of the speaker line eliminates the necessity of using the speaker line for line monitoring. However, the shielded cable can be used as the third wire.

  • Consists of Pilot Tone Detection Module & End of Line Module
  • Similar to the VX-200SP features
  • Shielded cable must be used for the speaker line

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Specifications for product:
Power source

Supplied from VX-2000SF

Current consumption

100 mA

Control output

Transfer type, withstand voltage: 30 V DC, 250 V AC, contact current: under 7 A


Steel plate, surface-treated


30.5 x 132.6 x 290.3 mm (W x H x D)


0.26 kg

Accessory (included)

Plug-in screw terminal (9 pin) x 1, end-of-line unit x 1

Application examples
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