Audio Network Adapter

The TOA NX-300 is a network audio adapter that utilizes packet audio technology which makes it possible to transmit high-quality audio signals in real time.
Connecting the NX-300 to a network (LAN or WAN) permits high-quality audio or contact control signals to be transmitted in real time. As existing networks can be used, systems can be constructed with no need for the installation of new wiring. Broadcasts using audio files and up to 8 different levels of priority control can also be made, and provided by stations, factories or other central facilities to individual bases.
It can be mounted in an EIA equipment rack (1U size) with the use of an optional rack mounting bracket or installed on a wall using an optional wall mounting bracket.

  • Audio network adapter for transmitting audio and control signals via LAN
  • Dual-channel capable of bi-directional (full-duplex) dual mono signals
  • Up to 500 NX-300s can be connected to each other via LAN
  • Up to 1,000 links can be established
  • 1 input audio signal can be streamed to max. 16 NX-300W (unicast) or max. 64 NX-300W
  • (multicast) simultaneously

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Specifications for product:
NX-300W NX-100
Power source

24 V DC (option: AD-246)

24 V DC (option: AD-246)

Power consumption

10 W (with AD-246)

4,89 W ( DC operation)

Current consumption

310 mA

0.2 A

Control input

8 (12 V DC, 10 mA)

8 (no-voltage make contact) (12 V DC, 10 mA)

Control output

8 open collector (polarised, 30 VDC, 50 mA); 2 Relays (30 VDC, 500 mA)

8 (open collector, 30 V DC, 50 mA)


RJ45, 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, auto-negotiation

10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, Auto-negotiation


Removable screw terminals: audio input: 6-pin, audio output: 6-pin, control inputs/outputs: 2x 9-pin, relay outputs: 2x 2-pin, power in: 3-pin and DC input jack

Network: RJ45 jack, audio in/out: 2x 3-pin removable screw terminal, control in/out: 2x 9-pin removable screw terminal, RS232C: 9-pin subD, power: 3-pin removable screw terminal and DC power jeck

Cable length

100 m (LAN)

100 m (max. for LAN)

Audio input

Balanced, sensitivity -58/0 dBV selectable

1 channel (isolated transformer), –58 dBV to 0 dBV, balanced (MIC/LINE changeable, volume adjustable with volume control), 2 kΩ, removable terminal block

Audio output

Balanced, 0 dBV, min. 600 Ω

1 channel (isolated transformer), balanced, 600 Ω, removable terminal block 3-pins


Link/Act, Busy, Status, Error, Run, Reset. Audio input: green/red x2, audio output: green x2

Link/Act, FD/COL, Status, Error, Run, Reset

Operating humidity

90 % RH or less (no condensation)

Under 90 % RH (no dew condensation should be produced)

Operating temperature

-10 °C to +50 °C (0 °C to +40 °C when AC adapter is in use)

0°C to +50°C (0°C to +40°C when AC adapter is in use)


Steel plate, paint, black

Steel plate, paint, black


210 x 44 x 188 mm (W x H x D)

210 x 46 x 188 mm (W x H x D)


1.2 kg

1.2 kg

Accessory (included)

Removable terminal plug (3 pins) x 1, Removable terminal plug (6 pins) x 2, Removable terminal plug (9 pins) x 2, Removable terminal plug (4 pins) x 1, Plastic foot x 4, Screw for fitting plastic foot x 4

CD (PC Installation & Operation software programs, Instruction manuals) x 1, Power supply removable terminal plug (3 pins) x 1, Audio I/O removable terminal plug (3 pins) x 2, Control I/O removable terminal plug (9 pins) x 2, RS-232C connector cover x 1, Bracket mounting screw x 8

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