Digital Matrix Mixer

The M-8080D 8x8 Digital Matrix Mixer is dedicated music, discussion, paging and zone management solutions for Commercial Audio applications.

With DSP functions: EQ, Compressor, Ducker, Priority Setting, etc. M-8080D Line-up includes remote control panels, remote input, and output panel, paging microphone. Easy to use and implement.

It can be mounted in an EIA Standard equipment rack (1 unit size)

  • 8 analog IN and 8 analog OUT
  • 4 digital IN and 4 digital OUT
  • DSP functionalities EQ, Compressor, Delay and more
  • Easy and quick operation
  • Intuitive GUI via PC
  • Extended remote controller options

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Specifications for product:
Power / current consumption


Frequency response

20 Hz - 20 kHz


CONTROL INPUT: GPI 1 - 2: no-voltage contact input, open voltage: 1.5V DC, short-circuit current: Under 3 mA, RJ45 Connector x 2

CONTROL OUTPUT: Relay 1 - 2: withstand voltage: 24V DC, control current: Under 500 mA, removable terminal block (4 pins)

RD port: RD 9 - 12: transmits and receives AES3 digital audio plus control data. Connect remote devices such as M-822IO, M-800RC, M-802RC, M-800RCT and M-800RM, maximum cable length is 100 meters, RJ45 Connector x 2

Operating temperature

0°C to + 40°C (32°F to 104°F)


Aluminium, Steel plate, black


483 x 44.2 x 259 mm (W x H x D)


4.58 kg

Power source

220 - 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz

S/N ratio

105 dB(A) ( (A weighted)


Displays device information: name, fimrware version, ID, communication status

Input: Analog Signal (Green)x8, Analog Peak(Red)x8, RD signal(Green)x4, RD Peak(Red)x4
Output: Analog Signal (Green)x8, Analog Peak(Red)x8, RD signal(Green)x4, RD Peak(Red)x4
Status: Fault(Red)x1, Comm(Green)x1, Power(Blue)x1


79 dB


AUDIO INPUT: 1-8: -48 to 0dBv, 6.8 kΩ, electronic balanced, removable terminal block (3 pins x8)



AUDIO OUTPUT: 1-8: 0dBv, 1.8kΩ, Maximum output 20 dBu(7.75V), electronic balanced, removable terminal block (3 pins x 8)


100 MBit, DHCP

Signal processing

Equalizer / Filter
Feedback Compression (FBC)
Auto Mixer

Sampling frequency

48 kHz, 24 bit

Equalizer / Filter

5 band EQ (LPF and HPF) for IN and 8 band EQ (LPF and HPF) for OUT
Parametic Equalizer: 19.7 - 20160 HZ, range: ±18 dB, Q: 0.4 - 128, Type: peak/low/high


Threshold: -30 to +20 dB in 1 dB steps
Attack: 10 -150 ms
Release: 10 ms - 1 s


0 - 1361.2916 ms


8 x 8
12 x 12 (Expandable via optional equipment)

PC software


Accessory (included)

Power Cord (2m), CAT5 cable (2m)x1, Removable terminal block (4pins)x1, Removable termina block (3 pins)x17

Tender text