Research & Development - Knowledge Square

About Knowledge Square

Knowledge Square is a place of "co-creation" where people and information gather and connect to create value together.

Knowledge Square is a term for a kind of new business base connected to the redevelopment of TOA’s R&D base, Takarazuka R&D Center (Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture). The location brings together developers as well as users, business partners, partner companies and specialized institutions such as universities and research institutes, to collect a wide range of people and information and be reborn as a place for the “co-creation” of new value.

Here at Knowledge Square, we at TOA contribute to society by creating new value together with our customers and providing new solutions that have never been seen before.


Solutions created by engineers who imagine the world of the future and fuse their own technologies with knowledge from outside the company.
The evolution continues with Knowledge Square as a testing ground.
We invite you to experience our efforts to create solutions that lead to the future.

Facility information

Knowledge Square surrounded by greenery

The landscape concept of Knowledge Square is "ENFOLD in GREEN", and the entire site has been designed with green elements. We hope you will enjoy the promenade that colors the flow of traffic, and the garden where you can feel the colors and scents.

We coined the term “Knowledge Square” to evoke the idea of a place where information comes together. The location was intended for as a location for people with knowledge to gather, interact and transmit their knowledge. It is an expression that includes locations such as buildings as well as more spacious places like gardens.

The reception desk on the first floor.

There is also a space where you can see the history of our technology. The upper floors are used for administrative and engineering functions that support the TOA Group.

It is a place where we conduct research and development together with our customers and business partners. The "coco" in "cocollaboration" has the meaning of collaboration, co-creation, and communication.


A facility for research and development specializing in sound. The facility is equipped with various test rooms, including an anechoic chamber and a room for measuring the durability of speakers, to create the "sound" of TOA.

A document management building that consolidates the "knowledge" produced in Knowledge Square. "Knowledge" is our treasure.

TOA Technical Plaza


In a corner of Knowledge Square, we have set up a space to present the history of TOA from the perspective of "technology" and "product development".

We supply sound, not equipment.