Audio Solutions for Mosques

Audio Solutions for Mosques

Find a customised solution that ideally meets the requirements of the size of your mosque

The voice of the Imam must reach every worshipper in and outside the Mosque - the message must be clearly heard, regardless of where a worshipper may be in the Mosque. However, most of the time, the acoustic aspects of a Mosque are not taken into account when designing an audio system, so echoes and longer reverberations of the sound, and the feedback issues deteriorate the quality of the sound throughout the Mosque. Some mosques are complex buildings, with big domes and challenging sound environments.

TOA’s acoustic experts aim for the best possible speech intelligibility and excellent sound quality. We can assist you by designing an audio system according to your budget. Be it for a retrofit or new installation, our design engineers can perform an acoustic simulation to ensure the audio system meets the requirements to enable clearly intelligible communication with the congregation.


Solution for small sized Mosques

Small Mosques require a sound solution that is basic, yet provides the essentials effectively, and is easy to set up and operate. This solution is ideal for Mosques with a capacity of 50 to 200 faithful and a small amount of reverberation.

Compact all-in-one system
The Digital Mixer Amplifier MX-6224D was designed specifically for Mosques and incorporates a DSP function, a built-in effector, and 2 x 240W class-D amplifiers in one single unit. The MX-6224D is a reliable and simple system, requiring very little technical knowledge, yet providing exceptional sound quality.

Optimise the sound : Pre-programmed sound effects and optimised microphone sensivity
The microphone sensitivity corresponds to the distance between the microphone and the Imam. Built-in amplifiers and digital signal processing with pre-set special effects combined with technically matched microphones and speakers comprise perfect sound and voice intelligibility. Selectable reverberation out of 12 patterns. Control the output level meters for inside and outside, reduce feedback with the built-in 3-band equalizer, use the pre-set effects for your voice and for your rooms: delight your congretation with celestrial sound even in very small Mosques.

Broadcast the message far and clear
The Azan calls the faithful to the place of prayer. The Azan and the voice of the Imam must be heard clearly to the farthest corner. Microphones and speakers must be carefully selected and installed according to the architecture and acoustic challenges of the Mosque. Horn speakers at the minaret spread the powerful Azan over a wide area. The built-in speaker EQ,
optimized for TOA’s horn speakers, reduce acoustic feedback and ensures voices are more intelligible. Furthermore, TOA’s loudspeakers for outside are weatherproof and less vulnerable to damage.



Solution for medium sized Mosques

The audio solution for medium sized mosques can be configured in various ways to match the type of architecture and complexity of your Mosque, the requirements, and the desired acoustic quality. TOA’s high-quality sound system offers the needed intelligibility both inside and outside of the building.

This medium size audio solution is ideal for Mosques with a capacity of 400 to 800 faithful.

The M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer system is easy to use and to implement, offering state-of-the-art signal
processing and a large choice of I/O options in a cost effective package.
Slim line array speakers, designer speakers, and wall speakers deliver crystal clear sound without detracting from the architectural aesthetics of the Mosque.


Solution for large Mosques

Prayers, sermons and educational lessons need to reach the congregation clearly. Whether at the Mihrab, the Minbar, in the main hall or the courtyard, focus on more important things than your microphone. Concentrate on your message and your congregation, speaking “hands-free”. And delight your congregation with celestrial sound - everywhere in the Mosque.

Weatherproof horn speakers at the minaret spread the powerful Azan over a wider area. Line array, designer and wall mount speaker inside the building have an appropriate dispersion angle, suppressing not only echo and feedback but also dispersing the uniform sound throughout the Mosque. The remote controllers provide the choice of various preset settings configured for different types of events.