Audio Solutions for Churches

TOA devolped audio solutions for all sizes of churches to provide high-quality sound that is both powerful and intelligible - no matter what sound environments you have in your church. With our easily adjustable acoustic settings you can create sound environments for sacred moments. TOA’s unique digital processing technology minimizes reverberation during speeches or make full use of it during musical performances.

Solution for small sized churches

In small churches, a simple, low-cost audio system comprising only the essentials is often required : one or two microphones, a mixer / amplifier and some wide-dispersion speakers.Thanks to the compact size and wide angle of its coverage, the TOA F-series box speaker covers a targeted area with a minimum number of units.

This solution is ideal for compact venues with a capacity of 100 to 200 faithful and a small amount of reverberation

Solution for medium sized churches

This medium size solution is ideal for churches with a capacity of 400 to 500 faithful.

At the touch of one button, the M-633D digital stereomixer can engage its ARC (Automatic Resonance Control) function to create a sound environment with minimum reverberation. At the same time, the DP-SP3 Digital Speaker Processor takes care of the speaker equalization and delay functions. Slim and stylish TOA Type H line array speakers deliver clear sound without detracting from the architectural aesthetics of the church.

Solution for large churches - Speech / Music Reinforcement Applications

Designed specifically for use in large houses of worship, this solution supports both speech and music applications.

The M-864D digital stereo mixer can engage its ARC (Automatic Resonance Control) function to create a sound environment with minimum reverberation. Using the remote control system, you can easily select preset settings configured specifically for various types of events. The DP-SP3 digital speaker processor brings out the best of TOA speakers while also adding a delay effect to the rear speakers if required. The HX-7 wide-dispersion variable array speaker and the FB-150 subwoofer provide a boost of power and intelligibility both to musical performances and to regular sermons.

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