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Project Reference Report - Parish Church of St. Benedict

Close to Antwerp, the church of St Benedict is the oldest in the city of Morstel, Belgium. Located at the highest point in the municipality it is an architecturally impressive historical building. These types of venues are known for their acoustically challenging environments with long reverb times and feedback issues. The objective of the refurbishment, carried out in 2017, was to build up a system that provided excellent quality, intelligible audio in a system that would last for many years to come.

With the M-864D digital mixer, all necessary inputs, both microphone and line level, are available. Thanks to the built in DSP, loudspeakers can be set up according to their technical specifications, while the ‘Larsen’ effect and feedback are reduced to a minimum. It is important that the end users of systems such as these can operate them without disrupting any pre-set initial settings and the M-864D allows ease of use while ensuring high quality sound at maximum sound pressure levels. The installed DA-250FH digital power amplifier completes the audio path. Due to the acoustic clarity and homogeneous sound dispersion of the SR-S4S line array speakers, only four units were needed for the central section of the church and for the two wings. The choir and priest are provided with two BS-1030W lall speakers and the area behind the Alter, used for small ceremonies, is served by two SR-H2S line array speakers. Finally the organist has two speakers, not only for him but also for the occasional choir that are sited nearby. In order to appeal to all generations of the Christian community, a high definition camera was placed at the Sanctuary and two screens were installed to broadcast church services live to the community and remotely into retirement homes etc. Rather than simply watching a service people should become a part of, and get involved in ceremonies. The screens can also inform about upcoming events, such as chamber orchestras, music by young artists etc.

To build up the state-of –the-art installation, TOA Benelux worked closely with its key installer Televic AV, who are specialists in audio visual techniques and streaming services in Belgium. The set-up and quantity of speakers was determined after an on-site system demonstration which was in place for several weeks. During this time the system was fully tested for different ceremonies to achieve the correct acoustic results and to assess its user friendly operation. All in all, this installation has proven that an historic building and an ambitious audio and video transmission system can complement each other to a high level. The best quality products, technical expertise and a customized service can help create the desired atmosphere without being intrusive.

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