Airport solutions – Safety, PA and enhanced passenger experience

At the ISE 2020 in Amsterdam, TOA Electronics Europe GmbH and AviaVox present their Airport solution: automatically generated airport voice announcements distributed at high intelligibility through TOA’s prime-quality integrated PA/VA systems.

Airports require specific announcements to be made in dedicated areas, to help guiding passengers to where they need to go. A safe, comfortable and stress-free stay for passengers in an airport is ensured by providing and distributing information for passengers in a high-quality, clearly understandable and timely manner and only in those zones where required to facilitate their wayfinding.

Offering the sound systems and engineering capabilities required for safe, reliable passenger transit, TOA enables the accurate transmission of information to passengers and smooth communication between airport staffs.

In cooperation with AviaVox, TOA offers a combined solution to generate automated voice announcements at a unique voice clarity in over 35 languages using the EN54-certified voice alarm system VX-3000 together with the AviaVox intelligent announcement systems. This solution enhances the passengers’ experience by enabling targeted announcements and creating a calm, relaxed environment.

With its wide range of high-quality speakers, TOA guarantees the voice intelligibility of these announcements even in wide and crowded spaces common to airports.

With its unique phoneme technology, AviaVox generates fully natural sounding announcements in a multitude of languages that cannot be distinguished from a well-trained human speaker. The AviaVox system is connected to the airport operational database and constantly receives flight status updates that trigger automatically generated announcements which are then distributed by the VX-3000 – with all its benefits such as addressing specific zones, prioritizing of announcements and offering comfort and atmosphere through background music. The flexible and scalable IP-based system architecture of the VX-3000 provides up to 320 kW rated output power. This makes it applicable for airports from small to large, with up to 2560 zones and 1280 remote microphones. The addition of the VX-3308WM – TOA’s all-in-one voice alarm wall mount system – allows its use even in small and remote locations. 

Dr. Thomas Schäfers, Manager of Product Management at TOA Electronics Europe, states:

“Thanks to the cooperation with AviaVox we are able to combine the benefits of automated high-quality announcements with a sophisticated voice alarm and public address system to set a new standard when it comes to safety, comfort and public information at airports.” 

Johan Godin, Managing Director at AviaVox, declares:

 “The AviaVox and TOA interface is already successfully implemented at several airports throughout Europe and the Middle East. Our system is fully compatible with the TOA VX-3000, SX-2000 and SX-1000 and their excellent PA/VA systems help us in getting our announcements to millions of passengers at the right time and place in their native language “.


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TOA showcases the integration of AviaVox with its voice alarm and public address system also introducing daily live seminars to present our solution.

Come visit us at the ISE 2020 in Amsterdam: booth N700 in hall 7 | Invitation Code 706584