Casino & Conference Centre Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic

The Casino Cultural and Conference Centre is a beautiful historic building and one of the architectural jewels in Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic. It hosts important events taking place in the region and it is also the home concert hall of the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra. Interestingly enough it actually never served as a casino despite its name.

In 2015 the Casino management decided the venue deserved a major sound system upgrade. As it soon turned out, the difficult acoustics of the place was not the only challenge to face during this installation project. Another major fact were the strict requirements for the look of all visible parts, mainly the speakers and their mounts. Finally a solution has been agreed on which was optimal from acoustical point of view and also was acceptable for the architects. The majority of the audience floor is covered by a stereo set of coaxial 2way line array speakers SR-S4L and SR-S4S. These speakers are mounted to side walls using custom-made design mounting brackets that visually match the style of the entire interior. Besides two more SR-S4S are installed with appropriate delay and DSP settings for other rooms. For amplification TOA’s DA-250F and DA-250D digital amps are used. The longer the design phase of the project took, the happier was the end user with the result. The feedback has been extremely positive, the audience coverage achieved with the line arrays is very uniform and the sound is both clear and intelligible.