SX-2000 Series

Network enabled system ideal for installations in large building complexes.

The SX-2000 is a scalable system for configuring versatile and highly effective PA systems. The system features new matrix capabilities, so that a single system can have its components distributed in different locations under centralized control.

Ideal for large scale installations ranging from multiple buildings to local systems, the versatile SX-2000 Series is particularly suitable for using in airports and railway stations, factories, shopping malls and large offices. The system‘s versatility such as dual power source and redundancy for fail-safe operation makes it a reliable solution for any specific installation without long lead times and the expense of custom systems.

Application examples:

  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Factories
  • Shopping centers
  • Office Buildings


Emergency Remote Microphone


Extension Unit


Key Extension Unit


Terminal Unit


IP Remote Microphone


VX-SX operation software kit


End of line module