Surveillance board

Designed to be built in the VM-2120/-2240 amplifiers, the SV-200MA permits monitoring of individual speaker lines and the power amplifier.

  • For VM-2000
  • Surveillance of power amplifier
  • Impedance surveillance of speaker lines
  • Selectable check period 10 - 60 minutes.
  • Control outputs for status of each line and amplifier
  • Control inputs for de-activating each speaker output
  • Initialise and check button (impedance)

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Specifications for product:
Applicable model


Power source

24 V DC (provided by VM-2000)

Current consumption

120 mA

Control input

Speaker line check, impedance initialisation. No-voltage make contact, open voltage: 3.3 VDC, short circuit current: under 1 mA

Control output

Per speaker line: short, break; amplifier fault; earth leakage; initialisation busy; initialisation error. Open-collector: withstand voltage: 30 VDC, control current: less than10 mA

Input / Output

Per zone: zone status (output), de-activate zone (input); attenuator bypass status (output), de-activate (input), external SP input status (output), de-activate (input). Inputs: no-voltage make contact input, open voltage 24 VDC, max. current 60 mA. Outputs: open collector, withstand voltage 24 VDC, max. 20 mA


25-pin sub-D terminal, female. Cable set for connections inside VX-2000.

Operating temperature

0 - 50 °C


90 x 20.6 x 157 mm (W x H x D)


140 g

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