IP-3000 Series

Digital audio management system for high fidelity sound broadcasting.

TOA introduces a complete Digital Audio Management System for high fidelity sound broadcasting over a standard IP Network. The IP-3000 Series provides standard high quality (48-KHz uncompressed) audio transmission thanks to TOA Original Packet Audio Technology.

The system components are easy to install and design, whilst also being extremely versatile, meeting the market needs for various public address system applications. From simple designs to more sophisticated systems, the IP-3000 is suitable for Houses of Worship, factories, train stations, complex shopping centres and skyscrapers thanks to digital devices and modern era technologies.

The bundled control GUI allows the system operators to access the system from anywhere remotely via a standard web browser interface.

Application examples:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Houses of worship
  • Transportation
  • Retail stores

IP-3000 SM-SW

Public address management software


IP Network Remote Microphone

IP-3010AF 1CE

Audio/Control Interface