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BS-301 Compact Speaker System

BS-301 Compact Speaker System

BS-301 Compact Satellite Speaker System produces incredible acoustic quality of sound from its small a discreet size, in any commercial spaces, restaurants, cafes, and retail stores.

There are 4 small satellite speakers that conform to the design of the commercial space, and can be installed using metal fittings attachments that are supplied to produce suitable acoustic sounds even in complex spaces.

In addition, the subwoofer, which can be temporarily or permanently installed, will deliver a full and rich sound that can only be compared with much larger systems.

Available in black or white to suit your interior.

Horizontal and vertical angles can easily be adjusted during installation wether its ceiling or wall mounted.

Power Handling Capacity Continuous program: 160W* ? 2 channels/Continuous pink noise: 80W* ? 2 channels
Rated Impedance 4Ω ? 2 channels
Sensitivity 81dB (1W, 1m)* ? 2 channels
Frequency Response 40 20,000Hz* ? 2 channels
Weight 13.9kg (excluding mounting bracket)
Subwoofer Speaker component: 16cm cone-type ? 2 channels / Finish: Front panel; ABS resin, Enclosure; Wood, Speaker bracket; steel plate Dimensions: 210 (W) ? 390 (H) ? 563 (D)mm / Weight: 11.5kg (excluding mounting bracket)
Satellite Speaker Speaker component: 8cm cone-type / Finish: Enclosure, Front panel; HIPS resin, Speaker bracket; steel plate Dimensions: 92 (W) ? 97.5 (H) ? 100 (D)mm / Weight: 600g (excluding mounting bracket)
Product Composition Subwoofer ? 1, Satellite speaker ? 4
Accessory Subwoofer mounting bracket (black or white) ? 4, Rubber foot and fixing screw for subwoofer ? 4, Subwoofer mounting screw ? 1 set, Satellite speaker mounting bracket (black or white) ? 6, Satellite speaker mounting screw and plain washer and spring washer ? 1 set, Sticker for satellite speaker (black or white) ? 8
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