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NX-100 Network Audio Adapter

NX-100 Network Audio Adapter
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The NX-100 Network Audio Adapter satisfies the requirements for transmitting high quality audio signals and control signal as serial data over networks using the IP protocol in real time. These include the internet and LANs and allow significant cost reductions when transmitting audio signals to various remote areas as costly dedicated lines do not have to be used.

  • If there is no network delay, audio signals have only a minimal millisecond delay.
  • Control data including contact and serial data can also be transmitted along with the audio signals.
  • Two-way audio signal transmission is possible with a single NX-100 unit as every unit is equipped with an audio input and output.
  • The multicast-capable NX-100 allows simultaneous transmission of audio signals to be made to multiple locations depending on transmission method:
  • Unicast up to 4 locations,
  • Multicast up to 64 locations.
  • No audio signal degradation or loss, even when transmitting over crowded networks such as the internet.
  • Greater data reliability using IP networks with the protocol's ability to prevent data problems during transmission.
  • The NX-100's contact input can initiate and terminate audio transmissions without having to use dedicated control equipment such as a PC.
  • Hardware use ensures operational reliability over only software-driven applications.
  • Using IP to transmit audio signals over the internet allows low cost operation rather than dedicated lines.
  • The NX-100 is equipped with a DC input to allow operation on AC as well as DC.
  • Software-driven operational menus enhance ease of use.

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