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P-1812 (120W):

P-1812 (120W)

P-1812 (120W)
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  • When additional power amplification is required to power more speakers in a system, the TOA P-1812 Booster Amplifier can be connected to an A-1800 Series amplifier's line out which provides an optimal level and impedance to efficiently drive the P-1812.
  • Switchable input levels
  • To interface properly with different equipment, input sensitivity can be switched between ΤΗτ10dB and 0dB.
  • Emergency control
  • On the back panel of amplifier is a remote-in terminal for emergency control which sets the default output level for the emergency input.

Power Source AC mains 50/60Hz, or 24V DC (M4 screw terminal)
Output 120W
Power Consumption AC operation: 258W (rated output), 94W (EN60065)
24V DC operation: 7.0A (rated output), 2.7A (EN60065)
Frequency Response 50 - 20,000Hz ??3dB
Distortion Under 2% at 1kHz, rated power
Input LINE: 0dB(*1) /-10dB(*1) (switchable) 10kΩ, transformer balanced, RCA pin jack
Output LINE: 0dB(*1), 600, unbalanced, RCA pin jack
SPEAKER: High impedance (100V line/83Ω), M4 screw terminal
Low impedance (4 - 16Ω), (Both Low and High impedance terminals cannot be used at the same time.)
Phantom Power n/a
S/N ratio
(Band Pass: 20 - 20,000Hz)
Over 100dB (Master volume: min)
Over 76dB (Master volume: max)
Over 60dB (MIC 1 - 3))
Over 76dB (AUX 1 - 3)
Over 90dB (TEL)
Control Input POWER REMOTE: No-voltage make contact input, open voltage: 24V DC, short-circuit: under 1mA, M3 screw terminal
EMERGENCY(*4): No-voltage make contact input, open voltage: 24V DC, short-circuit: under 1mA, M3 screw terminal
Control Output n/a
Indicator 5 point LED output level meter, Power indicator LED, Zone indicator LED, Emergency LED, TEL LED
Priority n/a
Operating Temperature -10??C - +40??C
Finish Panel: ABS resin, black, hair line
Case: Steel plate, black
Dimensions 420 (W) x 107.7 (H) x 367 (D)mm
Weight 12.2kg
Accessory Power cord x 1,
Terminal block cover x 1,
Terminal block cover mounting screw x 2
Option (*1) 0dB = 1V
(*2) Can be transformer-balanced with the addition of optional IT-453A input transformer.
(*3) LINE 1 and LINE 2 outputs can be interlocked with ZONE 1 and ZONE 2 speaker selectors, respectively. (This function needs internal modification.)
(*4)Operation when activated can be selected from the following: Turning ON the unit's power (factory-preset) or OFF. (The OFF function needs internal modification.)
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