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EN 54-24 Ceiling Mount Speaker

TOA's PC-1867F and PC-1867FC Ceiling Mount Speaker features an iron-made dome that prevents the fire from spreading in the ceiling in case of an emergency situation.

The speaker can be easily installed using the speaker mounting spring and the dome can also be easily mounted in the speaker mounting hole in the ceiling panel. The PC-1867FC is provided with a ceramic terminal block of screw type.

The PC-1867FC complies with the British Standard BS5839 Part 8 and is certified with EN 54-24.

EN 54-24 metal-body Wall Mount speaker

Constructed with metal cabinet, the speaker is ideal for use in a Voice Evacuation System. The speaker can be surface- or flush- mounted to the wall. Either concealed in-wall wiring or exposed wiring is possible. The input impedance can be easily changed by changing the tap position of the transformer. A built-in 6-inch (16 cm) double cone speaker unit delivers high quality sound. Two ceramic screw terminal blocks (1 cable to 1 connection type) make bridge connection easier.

The BS-680FC is certified with EN 54-24.

Soundprojection Speaker according EN54

  • Constant directivity horn improves directivity characteristics and ensures uniform and clear sound dispersion. Certified according EN54-24 for voice alarm systems.
  • Lightweight ABS resin enclosure that is mechanically strong and resistant to impact.
  • Weatherproof polyurethane resin paint permits the speaker to stand up to many years of outdoor installation.
  • Stainless steel hardware protects the speaker from corrosion.
  • The enclosure complies with IP-64 Standards for dust proof and waterproof characteristics.
  • Rotary impedance selector switch facilitates external changes in impedance during and after speaker installation.

BS-301 Compact Speaker System

BS-301 Compact Satellite Speaker System produces incredible acoustic quality of sound from its small a discreet size, in any commercial spaces, restaurants, cafes, and retail stores.

There are 4 small satellite speakers that conform to the design of the commercial space, and can be installed using metal fittings attachments that are supplied to produce suitable acoustic sounds even in complex spaces.

In addition, the subwoofer, which can be temporarily or permanently installed, will deliver a full and rich sound that can only be compared with much larger systems.

Available in black or white to suit your interior.

Horizontal and vertical angles can easily be adjusted during installation wether its ceiling or wall mounted.



EN 54 certified wall mount speaker. 2-Way Design Speaker available in black or white for wall mounting and offers optimised performance to
deliver speech clarity and excellent music reproduction

HS-1200BT Coaxial Array Speaker System

The HS-1200BT is a 2-way speaker system made of resin, and features a large diameter woofer. It can be installed and used in many different applications with combined use of the supplied accessories and/or the optional mounting brackets.

PE-154 BS compliant

  • Special design to blend with lighting equipment
  • Rugged HIPS resin enclosure
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Suitable forSupermarket, shopping mall, lobby, rooms without suspended ceilings
  • Applications
  • Voice Evacuation Systems according to
  • EN 54-24
  • BS-5839 part 8
  • PE-154BS/EN is EN 54-24 certified and is therefore legalised for use in conjunction with fire detection systems.
  • Certificate No : 0359-CPD-0105
  • Notified Body : Intertek

SC-615 Paging Horn Speaker EN54

  • 15W Input (mobile mount, 10W).
  • Certified according EN54-24 for voice alarm systems.
  • Stainless steel brackets and hardware.
  • Shock resistant aluminium oval horn.
  • Unobtrusive off-white colour.
  • Compliance with IP-65.

PJ-154BS Projection Speaker EN54

The PJ-154BS is a bass-reflex HIPS resin enclosure 5" (12cm) conetype projection speaker intended for ceiling and wall installation. This Speaker also includes a balanced dome tweeter. Outstandingly stylish design that is inspired by the finest lighting fixtures, allowing to be harmoniously installed with lighting equipment. The PJ-154BS is suited for such applications as BGM and announcements at airports, subway stations, art museums and shopping malls. The speaker is easy to repaint, extending the range of design needs he can meet. A supplied swivel bracket accessory allows for flexible speaker angle adjustment. Input impedance is adjustable with rotary switch on the upper side of the speaker.

Ceiling flush-mount Speaker EN54-24

Uncomplicated and easy-to-use fittings cut installation time to half that of conventional models thanks to TOA's new proprietary SUS spring-based installation method.
Finely crafted design with thin panel that does not detract from venue architecture or interior decor.

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