Intercom System

Intercom System

Designed to offer no-compromise reliability, the N-8000 is an IP network-compatible intercom system using packet audio technology. The unique TOA intercom system achieves a high reliability system that guarantees "fast, accurate and reliable" communications.

A communication selection can be made by users as needed. The "Master-to-Master" system is optimized for duplex conversation at venues such as factories and hospitals, or the "Master-to-Sub" system which is particularly suited for schools, prisons and similar locations. As the N-8000 is designed for great flexibility with an open architecture, integrating with other systems such as Voice Alarm Systems, surveillance cameras, telephones or access control systems is easy.

System functions are numerous ranging from conversation, paging broadcasts and BGM broadcasts to various security functions including emergency paging/broadcasting and audio triggering. System monitoring is available in real-time on an internet browser as the system is server-less. The system's frequency response extends to 7 kHz, allowing even PA-delivered announcements, i.e. from SX-2000, to be extremely clear and easily intelligible. Therefore TOA N-8000 Series is an ideal solution for applications that require a conventional communication system that accommodates emergency communication needs as well.

Designed for maximum expandability from simple systems comprising of two N-8500MS IP Master Stations to decentralised, complex and large systems a single N-8000 system can connect up to a maximum of 3,072 stations and can assign up to 192 zones for paging.


  • Exchanges
  • Interfaces
  • Master Stations
  • Door Stations
  • Substation

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